Man injuries three police whilst attacking cars with stick in Netherlands

This is the shocking moment police officers try and restrain a 30-year-old man in the Netherlands.

Footage, captured in the southern city of Waalwijk, shows the rampaging man kick and punch police officers as they try and arrest him.

The man had been spotted by two police officers hitting parked cars with a stick before the alarm was raised.

The video, which was filmed by a bystander at the scene, was later posted on social media.

After the two police officers called for assistance from a third officer, the 30-year-old man began to attack them.

In the clip, the man dressed in black runs through a public street and teases officers as he runs away from them.

According to the NL Times, two of the officers were left with injuries to their face and the other was sent to hospital after hurting his ankle.

A police spokesman told the Dutch newspaper Brabants Dagblad: ‘When these agents stopped a bit past the man and wanted to speak to him, he immediately hit one of them in his face.