Are North Africans White, Black or Middle Eastern?

The time has come to discuss North Africa, but are they White, Black or Middle Eastern? What are the genetics of countries of Morocco, Algeria, Egypt, Tunisia and Libya?

Today, let’s tackle the issue of genetics, admixture and ethnic identity in the modern countries of North Africa from a historic perspective.

I realize the assertions I make about the identity of modern North Africans like the Egyptians, Algerians and Moroccans do not apply to everyone, and that everyone has a different outlook.

Let me know your thoughts on the region of North Africa, and it’s very tumultuous fluctuating history and people down in the comments below. Thanks for watching!


Noord-Afrika is het gedeelte van het Afrikaanse continent ten noorden van de Sahara. Hier liggen de landen Marokko, Mauritanië, Algerije, Arabische Democratische Republiek Sahara (betwist), Tunesië, Libië, Egypte en Soedan.