Fans blijven in Wacko Jacko geloven

De documentaire Leaving Neverland heeft voor nogal wat opschudding gezorgd. Voor de echte King of Pop fans reden om hun steun te betuigen. Zij willen het uitzenden van de documentaire zelfs tegenhouden.

‘Vier uur Jackson? Dan val ik in slaap!’

Fans van Michael Jackson demonstreerden vrijdag bij het Mediapark in Hilversum tegen de vertoning van de documentaire Leaving Neverland bij de VPRO.

Michael Jackson & Bubbles: The Untold Story

When a million mourners flocked to Michael Jackson’s funeral, one character was conspicuous by his absence. Bubbles, his pet chimpanzee, was relaxing in a retirement home for former showbiz apes. Jackson had ensured the chimp, the symbol of his lost youth, was settled and well cared for. But he couldn’t save himself. Bubbles was only a few months old when he was rescued from medical research and sold to Hollywood animal trainer, Bob Dunn. Bought by Jackson soon after, the chimp became the world’s most famous pet, but their six year relationship was not a regular popstar’s passing whim.

This revealing documentary will talk to those who witnessed firsthand the complex relationship between Jackson and his chimps. And the legacy he left behind. We’ll see unseen footage of Jackson and Bubbles, discover the lives, the training and the roles of the Bubbles Brigade?