‘Sperm Extractor’ Machine Replicates Human Vagina for Donors

This hands-free ‘sperm extractor’ aims to help donors too embarrassed to masturbate in the hospital.
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The Jiangsu Sanwe Medical Science and Technology Center invented this machine to help male patients extract sperm for sperm donation or medical analysis without stimulating themselves.

The Chinese company says the hands-free device replicates a human vagina in terms of ‘temperature, wetness, and amount of light.’ The device also has adjustable height, speed, and force to mimic sexual intercourse.

Videos of the machine have gone viral, with one clip racking up more than 4M views and leaving some people confused and amused. The ‘sperm extractor’ was introduced to Chinese hospitals in 2010, during years of government calls for more sperm donors.

Dr. Li Siming of Shanghai Pudong Hospital says the machine is more efficient than masturbation but cannot ‘exactly simulate’ a human vagina.

…the device may not fit as well when compared to human beings. After all, it is made out of plastic and metal’ – Li Siming – to Reuters

The company sells approx 10,000 machines every year for $13k each. The company has sold the device to clinics in the U.S., Germany, Russia, and France. The company says it hopes to make a portable sperm extractorin the near future.