Will Boris Johnson be the reason Scotland breaks away from the UK?

“I think Scotland will become an independent country. I think Boris Johnson becoming prime minister increases the probability.” Boris Johnson doesn’t have the best track record when it comes to Scots. So, will he be the reason Scotland gains its independence from the UK?

Boris Johnson uitgejouwd bij eerste officiële bezoek aan Schotland

Boris Johnson wordt uitgejouwd bij zijn eerste bezoek als premier aan Schotland. De Schotten blijven liefst bij de EU, terwijl Johnson voor een Brits vertrek uit de EU is.

Boris Johnson in Scotland as pound falls amid No Deal Brexit fears

I want us to “go the extra thousand miles” to reach a new Brexit deal, Boris Johnson declared today, describing the existing agreement as “dead”.

On a visit to Scotland, the Prime Minister insisted that he did not believe a no-deal scenario was the most likely option. Unlike the man he’s put in charge of no deal planning, Michael Gove, who yesterday suggested that it was. And Scotland’s First Minister Nicola Sturgeon, after meeting Mr Johnson today, said she thought he secretly wanted a no-deal Brexit after all.