Iranian, Russian and Chinese Officials Claim COVID-19 Is A Biological Weapon

Regarding “peddling conspiracy theories”, Im not discussing suspicions raised by people on Reddit or 8 Chan, officials from world governments are saying it. Should I censor what these nation’s officials are claiming? When do I pick and choose which claim to cover and which to ignore? Just because you might not agree with the theory doesn’t mean it shouldn’t be heard. I’m firmly against censorship and think it’s best to be open minded enough to hear someone out no matter how crazy the theory may sound.

Blame game playbook? | US China accusations remind us of Russiagate tactics

The US is again trying to keep the focus well and truly on China. With the US Secretary of State saying that there is ‘enormous evidence’ that the outbreak started with a leak from a lab in Wuhan… that’s in contradiction to the United States’ own intelligence community, which says that assertion is ‘far from certain.’