The BATTLE for 5G | Is There an Alternative to HUAWEI? – VisualPolitik EN

The technological race for 5G has begun and Huawei seems to be winning it. The fact that a Chinese company is going to install mobile internet networks around the world has unleashed all of Donald Trump’s fears. The White House has banned Huawei’s 5G on U.S. territory for fear that China would spy on U.S. citizens through their smartphones.

But what’s the alternative? The few alternative suppliers of 5G antennas charge much more than Huawei. And none of them are American companies… However, in recent months a new competitor has emerged. A 5G system that could somehow be considered “Made in the USA” or maybe “Made in Japan”? Who is behind the proposed “5G Made in America”? What does Rakuten have to do with all this? In this video, we’ll tell you.