China’s Inner Mongolia policy triggers Mongolian script revival

Our identity, and our sense of nationhood to an extent, is connected to the language that we speak. Sometimes, it becomes a political statement. More and more – that’s become the case for people who identify as Mongolian.

Most of them live in the country Mongolia OR in CHINA’s province of Inner Mongolia. Language emerged there as a lightning rod issue last year, after Beijing announced Mandarin would replace Mongolian in core school subjects.

Many parents there saw it as an effort by China to erase their culture. Correspondent Mathias Bölinger went to the city of Hohhot after rare protests erupted over the new policy. Here’s a look back at the tense atmosphere he observed there.

Those efforts by Beijing to diminish the Mongolian language within China, has caused a stir across the border in Mongolia proper, a country of 3 million people. There the language’s classic script is now seeing a revival.