Germany imposes strict travel ban to keep out COVID variants

Germany is imposing a travel ban on countries most affected by new coronavirus variants. The measure came into effect just hours ago, and will remain until at least the 17th of February.

Berlin says the restrictions are necessary to prevent a surge in new infections. The fear of new coronavirus mutations is real in Germany. It’s also one of the main concerns for German authorities. To prevent them from spreading fast in the country, the government has now announced new travel restrictions.

The interior ministry has imposed an entry ban until the 17th February for travelers from countries that are particularly affected by them: Brazil, Ireland, Portugal, South Africa and the UK. The overall coronavirus situation in Germany is actually improving. Daily case numbers are going down this is certainly good news.

But experts have said more and more cases and outbreaks of new variants are being reported. And that’s why the government has decided to act. Mutations have not hit Germany as hard as other countries. But already a hospital in Berlin was forced to halt admissions after several cases were found of the mutation first discovered in Britain.

And health officials are stressing that the situation could deteriorate. The travel ban is seen as a step in that direction, but it is still unclear how effective it could be.

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