US President Joe Biden announces foreign policy shift

US President Joe Biden has outlined his vision for US foreign policy. In his first major policy speech, Biden sought to re-assert US global leadership, rebuild alliances, and reverse Donald Trump’s ‘America First’ agenda.

He announced an end to support for the war in Yemen, and a halt to the withdrawal of US troops from Germany. The United States is ready to engage with the world again. That was Joe Biden’s message from the marbled halls of Washington’s State Department.

For Biden, this means foreign policy must be grounded in a multilateral world, rather than a defense of America’s interests that puts America first. America is back. Diplomacy is back at the center of foreign policy. So the US will once more try to find solutions to the world’s problems. Like in Yemen, dubbed the world’s worst humanitarian crisis.

Years of conflict has destroyed much of the country. Killing hundreds of thousands of people. And leaving more near starvation. The US has given tacit backing to one side of that war.

No more, says Biden: Biden also says his administration’s diplomacy will involve a clearer defense of democracy. He called on Myanmar’s generals to surrender power.