National Congress backs China’s tightened control over Hong Kong

The NPC on Thursday unanimously endorseda new CCP measure for Hong Kong that will give a pro-Beijing committee the power to appoint lawmakers in the semi-autonomous Chinese territory.

The measure adds to a crackdown against Hong Kong’s pro-democracy movement, which erupted in 2019 in response to a now defunct proposal that would allow extradition to mainland China. Part of the new election measures will be appointing a vetting committee to ensure Hong Kong’s public officials are “patriots” who are loyal to the CCP.

Critics say the measure will lead to the removal of the political opposition from Hong Kong’s government. At the 2020 NPC session, the CCP introduced its controversial national security law for Hong Kong, which criminalizes acts that Beijing considers to be sedition, subversion or collusion with foreign powers.

The law, which was put in force in July 2020, has drawn international condemnation as a crackdown on civil liberties. So far, 47 former Hong Kong legislators and pro-democracy figures have been arrestedon subversion charges.

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