Pollution turns Argentinian lagoon bright pink

This striking pink lagoon in southern Argentina is a sight to behold, for all the wrong reasons.

The color is caused by sodium sulfite, an antibacterial product used in fish factories. So how did it end up in the lagoon?

Residents in nearby Rawson have been blocking roads used by trucks to carry processed fish waste to treatment plants on the outskirts of the city. ‘We get dozens of trucks daily, the residents are getting tired of it,’ environmental activist Pablo Lada told AFP.

With Rawson off-limits due to the protest, provincial authorities granted authorization for factories to dump their waste in the Corfo lagoon instead. But activists say the lagoon should not be used as a dumping ground for untreated fish waste.

‘Fish processing generates work… it’s true. But these are multi-million-dollar profit companies that don’t want to pay freight to take the waste to a treatment plant that already exists in Puerto Madryn, 35 miles away, or build a plant closer’.