Indigenous Bolivian women play football on icy Andes summit plateau

For years, indigenous Bolivian women have been trying to make inroads into traditionally male domains, like mountaineering in the Andes. It was only recently that they began guiding tourists up the country’s high peaks and glaciers.

Now a group of women have played a football match on ice and snow, in sub-zero temperatures, on the summit plateau at a record altitude of 5,800 meters to draw attention to their cause.

Bolivia’s glaciers in the Andes are a majestic sight. Their summits seem unreachable.

A group of women has made it their mission to conquer these peaks. With coca leaves and cigarettes, these indigenous women climbers give an offering to Mother Nature before their ascent.

Women from the Aymara ethnic group have been guiding tourists to the peaks for seven years. At over 5,000 meters, the air is thin. And today, they’re attempting to make a record.

Their goal: to play soccer on the roof of the world on the Andes at dawn. The summit plateau has an altitude of 5,800 meters. They solemnly carry the Bolivian flag over the icy ground.

Then it’s kick off! Indigenous women have never played football at this altitude before. Even the experienced female climbers are a little breathless for the fast sprints. But they have a lot of fun breaking the altitude record and scoring a goal for women.