UK to hire to foreign truck drivers amid Brexit supply shortages

Britain says it will issue thousands of emergency visas to foreign truck drivers to help ease supply chain problems that have led to fuel rationing and empty shelves at supermarkets.

In the aftermath of Brexit, thousands of foreign drivers left the U-K, since they could no longer work visa-free.

And now ordinary Britons are feeling the effects. Despite government pleas not to panic buy fuel, long queues have built up at the pumps.

A shortage in lorry drivers has led to delivery bottlenecks across the UK, forcing some stations to close or to ration what fuel they have left.

It’s a nightmare for those who depend on the fuel for work.
Analysts say the driver shortages were caused by the pandemic and Brexit. Various sectors had previously warned that supplies would run short.

Many supermarket shelves have been left empty for weeks.
The UK government, facing growing pressure, has now announced a temporary visa scheme for 10,500 lorry drivers and poultry workers.

But this will hardly be enough to ease the pressure. Estimates suggest the UK is short of about 100,000 heavy goods vehicle drivers.

Frustration among citizens is growing, too. And with Christmas around the corner, the situation could get even worse.