Why BUY NOW PAY LATER Cards are facing the heat from the Regulators? : DARK side of BNPL

VIDEO INTRODUCTION: In the past 2 years, The buy now pay later industry has been one of the fastest-growing industries in India. and whats absolutely mind-blowing is that the BNPL market is growing so fast in India, that it achieved an insane growth rate of 569% in 2020 and 637% in 2021.

But on 20 th of June 2022, the Reserve bank of India made an announcement that shook the entire BNPL industry!! This notification disallowed non-bank prepaid wallets and prepaid cards from loading credit lines into these platforms. In simple words, This is a huge blow to some of the fastest-growing Indian start-ups like Slice, Uniorbit, and Jupiter. and until now these start-ups with their credit lines have played a vital role in taking financial inclusion and digitalization to the next level in India.

So the question is, What is the problem with the buy now pay later industry?

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