Japan is very angry! China Indonesia high speed railway is about to be completed, why not India?

In 2015, Japan spent 83.1 billion yuan to grab India’s first high-speed rail project Mumba- Ahmedabad from China. Construction began in 2017 and was planned to be delivered in 2022. However, only 10 kilometers have been built so far, and the total project construction budget cost has increased by 65.4 billion yuan to 148.5 billion yuan. At the same time, the delivery time will be delayed until at least 2028. In stark contrast: Indonesia’s Jakarta-Bandung High-Speed Railway. At the beginning, both China and Japan participated in the bidding for this project. On September 2, 2015, China defeated Japan and won it. As of August 4, 2022, all the tunnels and culverts of the Jakarta-Bandung high-speed rail line have been completed, and the completion of civil works exceeds 91%.

On August 5, 2022, the high-speed trainsets rolled off the production line at China’s Qingdao base and are expected to be ready for operation in June 2023. Japan’s construction of India’s high-speed rail repeatedly hit obstacles, while China’s construction of Indonesia’s high-speed rail is smooth sailing. How crazy Japan was in order to grab orders, how depressing it is now. In addition, the Indonesian government will present the construction results of the Jakarta-Bandung high-speed rail to the world at the G20 summit. In such a world-class international conference, Indonesia’s presentation is undoubtedly a global publicity for China’s high-speed rail technology. It can also be seen from this that Indonesia is satisfied with the Jakarta-Bandung high-speed rail. Fortunately, Indonesia chose China at first.

So why did Indonesia choose China instead of Japan? What is the progress of the hyperloop network that China will build to connect the entire ASEAN? Hi. Welcome to Hot Topics Time. Before we start today’s video, please subscribe to our channel. OK, let’s continue the topic we are talking about.