Refugees in Europe: Where they come from and where they want to go | DW News

The Balkan route taken by refugees into the EU has not been in the spotlight for some time. But it’s still busy and getting busier. EU officials recorded more than 100,000 people without documentation entering the bloc from the western Balkans in the first nine months of 2022. Serbian visa rules make it relatively easy to go from there into the EU. DW’s Idro Seferi went to the OBRA-novats Camp near Belgrade.

Meanwhile, Italy’s new right-wing government has formally closed its ports to rescue ships run by humanitarian groups. That’s as three ships with more than a thousand migrants on board remain stuck in limbo off the coast of Sicily. Crew are reporting worsening conditions on board, including the spread of sickness. Italy’s interior minister said ships would be inspected at sea before any further steps are taken.

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