Could NATO be forced to intervene if tensions between Serbia, Kosovo escalate?

Ethnic tensions have flared up in Northern Kosovo – and once again it’s over licence plates. Hostilities between the ethnic Serbs and the Pristina government began after the regional police department refused to issue a warning to those who had not transferred to Kosovo-issued plates. Several cars have been burned in recent weeks. Local Serbs prefer to use plates issued in Belgrade. But these are illegal in Kosovo. Hundreds of demonstrators gathered in North Mitrovica singing the national anthem of Serbia, and dressed in symbolic clothes to show their loyalty to Belgrade. They said they want to send a strong message to Pristina and the international community, and call for an end to the harrasment of Serbs. This followed the first collective resignation of Kosovo Serbs from the country’s institutions since 2013. They left the parliament, the judiciary and the police. The mayors of the four Serb-majority municipalities along the Kosovo-Serbia border also resigned.

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