The Mysterious Dead of the Man Who Invented Water Powered Car

Imagine a world where the vehicle can be powered with water instead of gasoline. It will change the world completely and the dependence on fossil fuels will decrease. Well, this idea is not too far-fetched. There is a car that is powered entirely by only water. That, at least according to the inventor of the car himself, Stanley Meyer. Not only that he claimed that his invention can operate purely on water alone, but it is also super energy efficient in that the car can cover a distance of 54km with just a liter of water. Better than most cars powered by the scarce fuel itself. But with such bold claims, there will be controversy about it. The debate gain more attention when Stanley suddenly died while having a meeting with 2 investors, after a toast, he ran outside the restaurant holding his neck while screaming “they poisoned me”. That was his final word. What’s the truth behind Stanley’s mysterious death? and is his water-powered car a real thing or just a hoax? Let’s break it down and unfold it.