French Wars of Religion – Comprehensive Documentary – 4K

It’s 1559. Francis II, King of France is celebrating the conclusion of the Italian Wars, when he tragically dies in a joust. This unleashes a civil war between Catholics and Huguenots, that will develop into a European war. After the Tumult of Amboise Catherine of Medici and the Politiques propose concessions. But after the Massacre of Vassy compromise seems impossible. The Prince of Conde and Admiral Coligny rally against the Guise. The Battle of Dreux is won by the Catholics led by Anne de Montmorency. Nevertheless the moderates win and King Charles IX issues the Edict of Amboise.

The War resumes spurred on by the Catholic Conspiracy and the Surprise at Meux, but peace is achieved after the Battle of Saint Denis. The third war kicks off with the Battle of Jarnac and the Battle of Montcontour. With the Dutch Revolt the war widens even more. Sectarianism reaches its peak at the Saint Bartholomew’s Day Massacre. The War of the Three Henrys proves to be the most destructive one. Henry III is ousted from Paris after the Day of the Barricades and the Catholic League becomes supreme.


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