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Een lange weg begint met de eerste stap… Nieuwsknipsels

Pfizer’s Secretly Funded Groups Who Lobbied for COVID Vaccine Mandates, How To Subvert The CBDC Trap

Pfizer caught paying groups mandating vaccines money. Lee Fang is the investigative reporter that broke the story and talks to Kim about what he found. You can follow Lee on his website:

Randy Credico, political satirist, host of Randy on the fly on WBAI and long time Assange activist. randy talks with Kim about his recent visit to Moscow, Russia and Donbas, a much different look than what we are told in western media. You can follow Randy’s work here: and http://assangecountdowntofreedom.

Lisa Kassner from gives life hacks of how to protect your data and shield from the upcoming digital data mandates.

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