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The Vietnam War | Part 2 | The TV War | Free Documentary History

The US’s fear of communism caused American troops to go into Vietnam under President Kennedy in 1961. A war fought nightly on TV, it engendered a huge anti-war movement. By 1973, Nixon had resigned and the US was forced to withdraw in 1975.

In this episode: After early domination through Operation Thunder, three years of B52 raids, napalm and Agent Orange drops, in 1968 the Vietcong Tet Offensive turned the tide, the TV war began in full, anti-war demos, the Martin Luther King and Robert Kennedy assassinations and My Lai massacre. The war was now being shown on the nightly news for the first time. Over half a million US troops are deployed.

The Vietnam War – Part 2: The TV War | History Documentary
Watch ‘The Vietnam War – Part 3’ here:    • The Vietnam War |…  


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