Daddy Rankking Grandmaster

Let me start by saying thanks to the almighty God selassie I an mama omega ..

I am from the small island of antigua an barbuda the land of land sand an sea ….. The ppl here is very friendly an kind …. I was born on the eleventh month on the eleventh day 1982 …. I was born to a kind an beautiful lady melba…. I grow up in the village of lowe otto`s on the street of states in avenue…. There I live an spend most of my time growing up wit my mom my grandmother an to other brothers an one uncle… I went to school not far from my house …. An I was and humble an funny kid always having a lot of other kids around that I also look out for in any way I could…. I never look down on no one …. Don’t matter ur status….. I was also an god fearing youth coming up. … Thanks to my mom an grandmother that always teach me an my brothers to love an fear god an show love to other people 💖💖💖……

Daddy Rankking Grandmaster – One More

There was hard time wen I get a lot of fight an discouragement but it only make me stronger an wiser .. as I say I was an god fearing youth an find the livity of rastafari as and young youth…. An by hearing the preaching of selassie I an the events of his birth an his governmental works as the king of kings lord of lords an his linage of king david an king solomon as the biblical definition I was convince him was the creator in his kingly character on earth in flesh. ….. That was at the age of thirteen years old wen I was converted to rastafari livity thanks to selassie I for calling me…..

Via op Vimeo, een van onze kanalen. Vergeet niet te abonneren.

It was at a young an tender age that I started my music career …. Listening to the jamaican artist singing has given me the intuition that I would one day be come an dance hall artist. … My biggest motivator was the five star general bounty killa the big man himself…..

Wen I was about the age of 9 I first touch a microphone 🎤 the sound system at the time was called corner stone sound system…… I can remember that day all to this day. … From that time it was the forever till this day I am doing music an pushing hard that the world will hear my music an see my talent an give me the chance to sing for them …..

I had an let of experience by singing on stage with a few jamaican artists …. I can name a few … Bounty killa red rat goofy baby sham zimbra an alit more …. I also learn from all these encounter with all this artist….I also meet the legendary jamaican artist freddie mcgregor who told me some inspiring words ….. But it was in 2019 wen I deside to build a team an it all started with me ranking an shella an yongfiness an we call the team fiercest crown 👑 …. After a few months being on the media of Facebook wit a few songs we made that started a shine that would become the gate way to a bright future . It’s there the team revolutionary entertainment the big man himself johny morgenster griffith saw the works of fiercest crown an desided to contact us to a partnership agreement to better the chance of making dreams into reality…..

A big an special thanks to the team of revolutionary entertainment for this chance to prove myself an fiercest crown is capable of bringing good an warm music to the ppl that love gud music…..

Thanks to all the ppl that help push an believe in me an my team fiercest crown 👑 also thank to lindau’s for having me on he show creme de la jam …

One perfect love to one an all….. praise God selassie

Steun meneer Soemo

In vrijheid en Blijheid …

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